Tuesday, 28 August 2012

End of Summer Fashion Show

On Thursday evening I travelled to Leeds for the End of Summer Fashion Show where I was able to see some emerging designers showcase their collections. After a glass of wine and a little mingling I firstly sat down and watched the amazing electronic violinist perform, which was mesmerizing to say the least! However it was the fashion and the clothes that I was eager to watch and eventually the show started. As the first collection was partly inspired by playboy bunnies, I realised that not everything was going to be to my particular taste or expectations.. However to see the vast array of imagination and creativity was really very exciting. There were however some collections and garments that really stuck out in my mind as I left with my goody bag later that evening.. 
The first designer I want to mention was Katrina Maughan, who has pieces in her collection to die for.. The grey and white asymmetrical skirt (or dress) was stunning. The other piece was the final dress that had a high neck leather top then with long flowing cream silk skirt.. I absolutely fell in love, very simple textures and colours, but very effective, it really stuck out in my mind as I left!!

My other favourite designer was Scarlett Stewart. The whole collection was a whirlwind of bright psychedelic colours and beautiful prints - it was fantastic to watch the models coming out. It was also equally fantastic (or maybe comical is the word) to watch the models trying to walk in those huge shoes!! I especially remember a purple and green floral maxi dress, but to be honest I could have picked out anything as it was all gorgeous. Japanese kimono's, little flashes of fur, huge carved platform shoes but for me it was the vast array of colours and the stunning patterns that made this designer definitely one to watch in the future! 

My final two designers that I want to mention had some really lovely pieces that I would definitely want to purchase. Victoria Rosso's dark red paisley skirt and the green and white shorts that came on first were my favourites. I thought the designs were quite simple but the vintage fabrics were gorgeous; great patterns and great colours and a great feel to the collection. All together it was very wearable and very exciting to watch, perhaps not for my bank card looming in my bag though!

 The final designer was Laced with Love; lots of corsets and bodices in pastel colours and silks, although I wouldn't personally wear all of it, I especially loved some of the silk pyjama trousers and the vintage style cream silk underwear set near the end. The silks and vintage style brocade fabrics gave it a bit of a romantic feel, which is very up my street!!

The evening was really exciting and I'd definitely like to go next year, well done to all the fantastic designers as well as the organisers who made it a success! And if anyone can let me know where to purchase some of the dresses... could they drop me line please??

Finally I’d like to apologise for the quite bad photos – cleverly I forgot my camera and had to use my phone, but hopefully you can still see some of the amazing clothes from the show!

Daisy xx

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