Sunday, 1 September 2013


Here's some of my summer instagram snaps...from friends, new projects, my shopping finds, days out, gifts, inspiration - it's all here! And well, it's been a damn good summer <3

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Outfit wishes...

Summer is finishing...sad yes, but I'm actually quite keen to get my AW wardrobe under way, and browsing a few windows/websites I came up with a few little outfits , favourite pieces & trends i love that I thought I'd share...

1. The legendary kenzo jumper. The luxe sweater is going to be everywhere this season, and why not opt for the best? 
2. Tartan. Checked. Plaid. Whatever you call it, its hot,
3. The statement necklace. Need I say more?
4. Delicate little ballerina pumps, Oh so cute, so romantic, so dainty, so...must buy.
5. favourite, it's what party season is all about? Plus this top has the added dark winter flower trend mixed in. 
6. Fancy clutch, granted there are probably a lot more exciting ones out there, but this is a great go with everything piece, plus it's got some lovely feminine detailing that one just can't resist.
7. BABY PINK. It is THE colour of the season. And it's leather, oh my %#$$£&!! Yes please. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

TEE Dress

We all know those days, chose the burger rather than the salad at lunch and your stomach is starting to regret it? Feeling tired and sorry for yourself and would rather be in your comfy pyjamas all day? Well I've found your solution, the t-shirt dress! Granted that it may not show off all your best assets, so perhaps don't opt for it for a first date, but if you want to look good and not have to worry about a belt that's a bit too tight, straps that are a bit too long or the VPL from your Bridget Jones Pants then its the perfect option!
Added to this Topshop dress is the giant daisy across the front of it, I promise this wasn't just the reason I bought it.........
I teamed it with my Primark sandals and my Zara studded black bag - a truly easy throw-on outfit, I then popped off for a cheeky Sunday Roast!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crochet shorts - outfit of the day

Travelling home from holiday I opted for cream crochet shorts, from a neon yellow top from river island, topshop studded sandals, a denim shirt for when j got back to chilly England and my gorgeous summer beach bag which I got from my travels to Uganda last year! 
On my return to London the sun was still shining and I spent the day boris biking it around London and these shorts were perfect for it! Worn with a dip due blue and white tshirt from h&m and my brown and pink sunglasses from zara! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Geo? Deco? Retro?

After walking to Hyde Park the other day I arrived somewhat hot in my leather jacket so I decided it was time to buy a summer jacket. I love some of the kimono's in Topshop at the moment, however for the moment I was thinking more practically - I wanted something that I could actually wear to keep my whole arms warm and perhaps do up if its necessary. Basically I needed a jacket that wasn't to heavy or thick and I was also looking for something printed. I love the bomber style jackets this season but they don't always work with what I wear.. (Plus I already bought a stripe one from Primark a few weeks ago!) So I wanted something vintage, something retro, something geo printed and something that will fulfil my want of a printed kimono and needs of a summer jacket.. and Voila.. here it is! I bought it in the Topshop sale for £30 (down from £65) and I absolutely love it. The greys, blacks, blues and whites mean it will go with so many things, I can dress it up or dress it down. The options are endless. But here's a first dressed down post of my summer jacket!


 Jeans - Topshop
Top - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Zara
Jacket - Topshop

Daisy xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Transparent bag

Transparent bags were a great trend for SS13 as seen at Valentino and Burberry shows. However great they look, they're probably not always going to be your everyday kind of handbag, you don't need everyone knowing what's in the depth of your kitchen sink bag all the time do you? Zara has some great neon transparent little clutches, (see below £19.99) great for a night out, but if your looking for a real bargain then check this little bag I spied in primark yesterday! At only £9 it won't matter if you only use it once or twice. It's made from a soft light plastic so if you drop it then it won't shatter like I've heard a certain number of these transparent bags do..

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sunday Summer Outfit

My black and white paisley shift dress from last summer came out of my wardrobe yesterday for a brand new look which i love! Layering a simple black tshirt over the top of the dress made it look like a skirt and dresses it down. Perfect for the sunny weather this bank holiday, and even more perfect for an afternoon of drinking in the sun! Im also in love with this gold and turquoise statement necklace from Claire's accessories too. Here's the full outfit...

Dress - topshop
Tshirt -
Boots - topshop
Jacket -
Necklace - Claire's accessories
Bag - Zara

Friday, 24 May 2013

Kenzo Jumper Rip Off!

When the kenzo tiger jumper hit the catwalks it caused a stir being seen on millions of top blogs and fashionistas... bit now thankfully it's filtered down to the high street, bloody FANTASTIC! After careful consideration on a few tiger head jumpers..this is my favourite one from h&m! Roll on some bank holiday shopping!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

matchy matchy

One of my favourite trends this season is the matching sets. Firstly they have such a vintage dress up vibe - I feel like my Grandma in her youth, when they would all dress up properly, when there was more pride, elegance and beauty to everyday dressing.

Secondly there is the more practical side to these matching sets. Say goodbye to the one night only dress and say hello to mixing and matching a top and a bottom for 3 new looks for your wardrobe. Wear your crop top with some high waisted jeans for the day; the skirt with your bikini for wandering to the beach; then the full coordinating outfit to make that fashion statement.
Here are few of my favourites - Banana leaf print, oh so Louis Vuitton yellow and white check, Hawaiian floral prints, snake print and nautical stripes.
Oh I just can't decide which print to buy!


Friday, 17 May 2013

Summer Sandal Spotlight

Being a little bit short I like wearing heels, but when you're wandering the streets of London all the time high heels aren't always the best option. So to sort out this little wardrobe problem I invested in these two beautiful pairs of sandals.
Black wooden chunky heel -  Zara
Black & White woven flatform -