Monday, 22 July 2013

TEE Dress

We all know those days, chose the burger rather than the salad at lunch and your stomach is starting to regret it? Feeling tired and sorry for yourself and would rather be in your comfy pyjamas all day? Well I've found your solution, the t-shirt dress! Granted that it may not show off all your best assets, so perhaps don't opt for it for a first date, but if you want to look good and not have to worry about a belt that's a bit too tight, straps that are a bit too long or the VPL from your Bridget Jones Pants then its the perfect option!
Added to this Topshop dress is the giant daisy across the front of it, I promise this wasn't just the reason I bought it.........
I teamed it with my Primark sandals and my Zara studded black bag - a truly easy throw-on outfit, I then popped off for a cheeky Sunday Roast!

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