Thursday, 9 February 2012

blue shoes

I met / found a photographer with a good camera to take some good pictures for me, so we had our first photo shoot on sunday evening. In the ice and snow it was a bit chilly but we got some great pictures - or so I think! Here's the first of them, this is my outfit saturday night.

Shoes - New Look
Shirt - Topshop
Bag - Primark
Trousers - Topshop

I just love New look for it's cheap shoes, it makes buying shoes feel much less guilty, and even if you only wear them once or twice then there isn't really a lot of bother!

On Saturday my friend got stuck in the snow so I ended up drinking wine with my Mum for a long time (never a wise idea!) I then met my friends, one of which (Lauren) was swaying from side to side so I tried to hold her so we could get into Revs. However I was outraged when they stopped ME and said I'd had too much to drink. However with my charm and wit I blagged them into believing I had only had 2 or 3 glasses of wine (times about 4) and that it was merely these beautiful new blue shoes that were causing me to appear a little bit drunker than I actually was. Well it worked a bloody treat, however the night ended up being a bit of blur - even the blue shoes couldn't keep me standing upright..somehow I managed to get in a taxi home and get into bed.

Waking up the next morning was interesting as well. With a stinking hangover, instead of expecting sympathy, I got a bit of telling off from my Mum and Dad. I'd left the kitchen in a bit of state - apparantly there was food everywhere, I'd left the oven on all night and the fridge open - OOPPS. The worst however it yet to come - my mothers gorgeous cake had a big bite taken out of it, so in a flurry before she realised the next morning I spent my hangover breakfast eating a large amount of cake in the hope she would not see the destruction I brought to her fine baking the previous night. There is also the mystery of how I managed to destruct 3 full pizzas on my own. I mean I love my pizza but TWO FULL PIZZAS is beyond me. (The third one was however left in oven all night!) I'm almost sure I didnt eat them, as I woke up 5 hours later feeling starving. I'm worried I've drunkenly put them somewhere...just waiting for someone to call me saying they've found a pizza somewhere in the house! OH DEAR. And from that I promise never to drink again.. well until tomorrow ;)

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