Friday, 27 January 2012

Freshen your day with some MiNT!

Well I 'popped' into town today, just to get a 'few' bits, but we all know this never really happens. However whilst browsing a few shops, I got far too excited about the summer, and especially all the colours around, from bright oranges, pale yellows, electric blues, bright pinks...and mint. Seeing as it is still minus 048593 degrees outside I didn't think it fit to start purchasing too much summer attire, and instead I opted for a mint coloured jumper from H&M (pics coming soon) which I absolutly love and has definitley got me in the summer mood.. PLEASE HURRY UP!! Aside from the jumper, I also spotted these aqua turquoise shoes from new look (see above) they may look a bit simple, but with a simple midi grey dress the gorgeous colour will stand out. After this...I got bit over excited with the turqiouse/aqua/mint theme..and the above is what happened!

Bag - topshop, floral top - topshop, men t-shirt - H&M, earrings - miss selfridge, heels - new look, pair of earrings - new look, belt - zara (my favorite!) brogues - topshop, bra - new look, demin shorts - topshop

I think I need to start purchasing more of this bright coloured items for spring... don't you think?

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