Tuesday, 31 January 2012

wardrobe rooting

On Saturday I decided to leave the city of Leeds and head back home for the weekend to see some family and friends. One thing I love doing when I'm back home, is raiding wardrobes. The first being my own - as I find all the things that I left behind. This can be firstly good, as I come back to Leeds with a array of new items that haven't been in my wardrobe for a few months. The second being bad, because I usually end up lugging a very full suitcase back on the train and having to unpack it in my other bursting wardrobe. This time it was so full I had to leave the huge slice of black forest gateau my Nan had made for me Sunday evening (I figured it would be better for my waistline if I left it for my Dad to eat!) Now back to wardrobes - the other's who I love to delvge into are my friends and my Mum.. These shorts are goregous, I just love the dark gold sequins on them. I am so jealous of Lauren owning these..hopfully she will go off them sometime soon so I can pinch them off her!!

shorts - Zara from Lauren
Jumper - From my Mum's wardrobe - not sure where from
Lipstick - Mum's make-up drawer
Necklace - H&M

< Looking a bit chilly here

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