Monday, 26 March 2012

chiffon maxi skirt

 The wedding of the year, it was a serious Pye family occasion. It all took place in Hertford College in Oxford and it was absolutely beautiful, a warm sunny day, pink fizz on the grass that you can get fined on for walking across unless its special occasions, and this certainly was, along with fresh purple flowers everywhere. My auntie looked absolutely stunning, as you would expect from the bride, but this dress was something else, and she didn't stop smiling all day which just made it even better!! Now as I have said if you meet my family, you will know we don’t do celebrations lightly. Despite the fact she organised a fantastic day for everyone there was one thing my auntie didn't think of, and that was the fact that we don’t go to bed 1 o'clock in the morning, in fact we go to bed at 4 or 5. After a fantastic day we again ended up drinking at the hotel bar.... My auntie Barbara had already given her number out to few men ‘to see her garden’ (a very privileged thing), my little brother was tucked up in bed after throwing up his dinner outside, Jackie had drunkenly scoffed the buffet and then threw her shoes across the bar, my auntie got lost in the hotel and my dad managed to direct her back to her room after which she fell over the bed and into a table, and I was perfectly well behaved aside from not being very happy with the hotel staff because my room key didn't work and the small fact that I woke up in my bikini with wedding cake crusted into the carpet. By the end of the night I don’t think many people were standing straight due to the fact there was just simply far too much wine flowing around! Well to the wedding of the year, what did I wear?? This nude maxi skirt, pleated pannels, chiffon, slits at the side, I LOVE IT. The pictures show me in a grey top but in fact I found a blue floral shirt (a very last minute decision) which I ended up wearing along with my aviators as is was a sunny day! (See the picture with my mum and auntie)

Skirt – Zara
Grey top – Zara
Blue Shirt – New Look
Shoes – Topshop
Bag – Vintage (eBay)

 Me and my little bro

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  1. Wow !
    You look sooo lovely !
    When i look first time i was thinking that is a dress ;D
    The skirt with this top looks really good :)