Saturday, 31 March 2012

Feather Skirt

Well it was Rachel's 21st and so four of decided to go out for a very sophisticated meal and drinks. A free bottle of wine each with our meal however put our 'sophistication' on a downward slope ending up getting in at around 3/4 o'clock. Some strange women gave us free champagne, however when one decided to unbutton her trousers telling us she would turn bisexual for us we decided to make a very swift move onto the next bar. It was a hilarious night, plenty of giggles and memories and I hope Rachel had a good night!

As it was a special occasion, I decided to dress up a little bit and wear this feathery skirt. I absolutely love it, feathers and sequins just all add to the flapper feel of the skirt. I teamed it with a simple black top and heels, a little bit boring but I thought this is a skirt that needs to stand out... AND it was only a Sunday night in Lancaster. Despite this, there was one slightly problem: a good fair share of my feathers were on the floor by the end of the evening, however the nice lady in Zara felt my pain and allowed me to get another one!

Skirt - Zara
Top - Zara
Heels - River Island ( a bit old and mucky I know)
Belt - Primark

Hope you love it as much as me...
Daisy xx

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